December 8, 2021


The Auditor is the keeper of County records and acts as a bookkeeper of County business. The Auditor is responsible for scheduling County Commissioner meetings, preparing their agenda, following up on Commission business and preparing the County’s budget. It is the Auditor’s responsibility to audit bills or other claims against the County and prepare the warrants in payment of these bills. A main aspect of the Auditor’s function is to maintain each County office budget and to insure that each office expenditure is provided for in the County budget. South Dakota law requires that prior to spending any County money on a given project, the County must have a budget for it, and must have the necessary funds to pay for that project. This means that no office can spend money, without budget authority and sufficient dollars. It is the Auditor’s responsibility to figure real estate and mobile home taxes which are forwarded to the Treasurer for collection. The Auditor is also the head election officer of the County.

Election Information

Beadle County Registered Voters (as of October 18, 2004)

Democrats: 4990
Republicans: 4748
Independent: 1547

Other Important Voting Information:

Voters Registration Printable Forms (connect to SOS)

To be mailed to:
Beadle County Auditor
450 3rd St SW, Ste #201
Huron, SD 57350

Email Address: [email protected]