January 28, 2022

Highway Department

BEADLE COUNTY MASTER TRANSPORTATION PLAN: http://www.sddot.com/transportation/highways/planning/specialstudies/BeadleCo/default.aspx

Highway Superintendent- Merl Hanson
Highway Department Foreman– Jason Fritzsche

Office Address
655 4th St  NW
Huron, SD  57350

Office Hours
7:00- 5:30

Phone Numbers
Office:    (605) 353-8441
Shop:    (605) 353-8442

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Beadle County Highway Department is responsible for the repairs and maintenance of 218 miles of oil roads and 355.30 miles of gravel roads, for a total of 573.30 miles. Also included in repairs and maintenance are 149 bridges in Beadle County. The highway superintendent appointed by the Board of Commissioners administers this service under their direction. Beadle County Highway Department employs 19 individuals to provide this valuable service.

General Information

Chances are your road has a gravel surface. Just a warning, during the spring thaw and extended periods of wet weather they get soft, rutted, and sloppy and muddy and at times are difficult to travel. During extended dry periods they get washboarded and are very dusty.

As a rural resident you will want to drive on safe roads. Please report any unsafe conditions that you may encounter while traveling to your township, or the county road department. Report any downed or damage road signs, the life you save may be your own.

As a reminder to rural Beadle County residents, please be aware of your 911 address, the township and the section number in which you live. Having this will assist us and will provide valuable time-saving info in the event of emergencies.

Beadle County Driveway and Construction Permit

PERMIT -New Beadle County Highway Overweight Over Diminsion Permit

Utility Occupancy Permit

Current Highway Informational Links

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Winter Road Reports


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