December 8, 2021

Register of Deeds


According to the department of Health, Customers will not be given direct access to birth records.  This includes all paper copies of birth records and indexes, computerized or other, containing information from birth records.

Information contained on birth records will only be issued in the form of a certified copy.  According to  SDCL 34-25-8, certified copies of birth records shall be available to any person who can identify the birth record by providing the name on record, the date of birth, and the mother’s maiden name.

The fee for the search of a birth record is $15 customers will be charged the fee whether a record is found or not.  Searches that do not yield a record will be forwarded to the department of health for a more extensive search.

Birth Records  With  Birth Dates Of  Over 100 Years  Can  Now Be Found On The Internet At:

Email Address: [email protected]








 Registrar of Deeds staff at work.